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Osteopathy is a holistic medicine that focuses on the horse as a unity and is based on principles from anatomy, embryology, neurology and physiology.


3 systems are important here.

Parietal system: bones and muscles

Visceral system: internal organs with blood vessels and lymphatic system

Cranio-sacral system: meninges from skull to sacrum


It is important that these systems can move freely, according to the American doctor Andrew Still, because loss of mobility of bones or joints is the origin of many complaints. If one of the systems or tissues is limited in their movement, a blockage will occur. This will have local consequences but will also affect other systems in the body.


The purpose of osteopathy is to restore original mobility through soft techniques and manipulations. As an extension to osteopathy, we use dry-needling, shiatsu, massage, fascia release and essential oils.


The following symptoms may indicate that treatment is needed:

• Behavior: head shy, resistance, head-shaking, ...

• Riding: wrong canter, little back use, impulse loss, difficult collection, ...

• Physical: irregularity, difficulty bending, skewed tail, stiff muscles, ...

• Other: accident, poor appetite, fertility, airways, recovery after injury, ...


Health Scan

The health scan is carried out using the Healy medical device. Healy is a German medically certified device that works with frequency therapy. The leading figures behind Healy's development are Marcus Schmieke and Nuno Nina. Marcus Schmieke is a researcher and inventor of the TimeWaver, which many therapists use in bioresonance. Nuno Nina is a Portuguese specialist in integrative medicine and cell biology.


How does it work?

The basis of the Healy health scan is quantum mechanics that says vibrations are the information carriers of all matter. Each cell in the body has a vibration frequency and a voltage potential. This voltage potential is necessary for the exchange of substances and therefore the health of the cell.


Based on 144,000 different frequencies, the scan can analyze where there is imbalance. He organizes them based on more than 120 programs that he can run within the following groups:

• Gold cycle

• Pain/psyche

• Learning

• Fitness

• Sleep

• Beauty/skin

• Mental balance

• Meridians

• Bioenergetic balance

• Chakras

• Protection programs

• Deep cycle


He can also read the following supplementation: Bach blossoms, homeopathy, vitamins, Australian Bushflowers, Alaskan Gem Elixirs, Schuessler cell salts and I-Ching.

Another useful feature is the Aura analysis that analyzes the current state of the energy field and emotional background



Hirudotherapy is a treatment with the Hirudo medicinalis or medicinal leech, which is a an organic pharmacy. The leech injects a combination of 80-100 active substances into the blood that are unique in type and composition. These scientifically proven medical substances include: hirudine, hyaluronidase, chymotrypsin, destabilase, proteinase inhibitors, collagenase and other unidentified substances.


These beneficial substances work:

• Analgesic

• Bloodthinning

• Anti-inflammatory

• Joint lubrication

• Blood pressure and hormone regulating

• Lymph cleansing

• Antibacterial


Hirudotherapy has been an officially recognized drug in Germany since 2005. Thanks to the pharmaceutical substances he produces, he will purify our body and make it healthier in a 100% natural way.


Indications for treatment are:

• Joint complaints: back, stifle, hock, elbow, neck...

• Osteoarthritis, arthritis and kissing spines

• Tendon and tendon cavity inflammation

• Nerve damage, bursa infections

• Ulcers, wounds, abscesses and lymphoma

• Skin conditions: scars, eczema, mud fever

• Laminitis


A leech treatment lasts about an hour and a half and often gives positive results after 1 to 3 treatments. The treatment is almost painless as the leech itself inserts analgesic substances. A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10 leeches are used, all of which are medically inspected. Horses are very easy to treat with leeches and generally stay calm. As in humans, the treatment can be acute or chronic depending on the symptoms. Especially in horses, leeches work particularly well because they often react poorly to antibiotics or corticosteroids


Aroma & Aloë

Natural products are in line with Equi-Pura's view to support health. It is increasingly happening that horses have specific emotional or physical complaints that have not been remedied with a single treatment. For these cases we work with essential oils of therapeutic quality and aloe vera products from Forever Living.


Smell is the strongest developed organ in horses. Aromatherapy is therefore a very effective treatment method. Horses instinctively make the right choice of essential oil just as they would eat the right herb, if they have the opportunity to do so. Based on what the horse indicates, I can tell you more about what is going on on the inside. It is possible to put together a specific blend of the oils that can be administered or lubricated.

Making ointments on demand and adjusted for your horse is also a possibility.


The plant aloe vera is one of the oldest and most well-known beneficial plants and has been used by different cultures over the centuries. The gel from the leaves of aloe vera contains more than 200 active natural ingredients, including 20 minerals, 18 amino acids and 12 vitamins.

The plant has properties that:

• boost metabolism

• support the immune system

• reduce stress sensitivity

• deliver extra energetic feeling

Ordering the aloe vera products is possible via the webshop or via Kelly Seghers



BEMER® therapy is physical vascular therapy that stimulates blood flow and improves microcirculation. Circulation is essential within the body. It supplies the cells and organs with nutrients and oxygen and disposes of the waste. This exchange of substances takes place in the microcirculation, the area of the small capillaries. Microcirculation takes up to 75% of the blood vessel system. In the human body, it's the size of a football field.


Stress, monotone nutrition, too little exercise, disruptive environmental stimuli, too heavy workouts, drug use, but also aging, among other things, reduce the pumping effect of the capillaries. As a result, blood cells are on the road for too long and can no longer perform their tasks properly. When cells and organs are not given enough nutrients and oxygen, physical and mental functions eventually deteriorate. This results in pain, mood swings and diseases.


BEMER® uses a magnetic field with specific PEMF signals. This restores pumping function in the capillaries and restores blood flow to a normal level. The body cells have nutrients at their disposal again, can dispose their waste and are able to perform their tasks better. In summary: better blood flow increases the efficiency of body cells, reduces pain and has a beneficial effect on the body's self-healing capacity.


The therapy is scientifically based and effective in:

• Chronic diseases: Lyme, eczema...

• Injuries and wound healing

• Improve immune system

• Competition and training for shorter recovery time and performance improvement


Physical vascular therapy can be used in combination with numerous treatments and indications. It is an easy-to-use blanket and leg protectors to apply it as a treatment in general or locally. BEMER® products are officially EU-approved medical products.


You can always visit the official website of BEMER® :


Straightness Training

Every horse, like every human being, is a bit crooked and that asymmetry can cause imbalance. That imbalance can eventually cause overload, which leads to injuries. Fortunately, you can also influence this very well through training. The straightness training at Equi-Pura means optimally balancing horse and rider. Straightness training for the horses is about both the vertical balance (left-right) and the horizontal balance (front-back). To achieve that balance, work is done from the ground and under the saddle.


Working in hand is an ideal way to train your horse without load to optimize his body use. Initially, the vertical balance is improved and then the horizontal balance. For example, the horse is supposed to lift his back, tilt his pelvis and tighten his core muscles on both the left and right hand. This creates some sort of arc tension in the body from which you can bring the hindquarters more to collection further on in training. There are many small elements and with each horse it is different which element requires more attention at which stage of the training process.


You can teach young horses to improve balance and strength in preparation for being saddle broken. Also later in the training to learn certain exercises correctly such as the side passes. Gymnastics in hand are also interesting to keep a horse smooth and fit. For example, there are many riders who run into the piaffe because their horse finds it difficult or because they have never done it themselves and neither has their horse. Piaffe is an exercise in which all puzzle pieces have to fall in the right place to make it work. As a rider you want to strengthen the hindquarters so that the horse can start to carry more. By removing the weight of the rider at the top, you initially make it a little easier for the horse while learning. If it works well on the hand, then the step to perform it under the saddle is easier.


While riding, work is done on the balance of the horse from the rider's seat. Both learn to work on the correct body use. The exercises that have already been learned on the hand are further included in combination with a rider. You can also take gymnastics lessons under the saddle without prior in hand work. While riding, as in the groundwork, we look to improve the vertical and horizontal balance. By correctly teaching the horse to ride on its 4 legs and control your posture yourself, you get a nice communication that leads to more balance and strength. So gymnastics is not only for dressage riders, but suitable for every discipline and level. Due to the knowledge of the muscles and basic principles of each exercise, the highest goal can be achieved step by step with simple instructions.